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Sacramento, CA


School Security Services in Sacramento, CA

As a school administrator, you know that nothing is more important than the safety of your staff and your students. Your community counts on you to provide a secure learning environment and to manage security issues effectively. Lyons Security Service provides professional security services for schools in Sacramento, CA.

Peace of Mind for School Administrators and Parents

At Lyons Security Service, we’re serious about the security of your students and staff. We offer comprehensive security solutions designed to prevent and manage school violence, reduce risk and give your community members the peace of mind they deserve. The security specialists at Lyons Security Service have the kind of in-depth knowledge and skill it takes to effectively prevent and manage school security issues. We work closely with your school to develop a safety program to ensure that not only is your facility well protected, but that you and your staff are adequately prepared to handle any type of crisis.

It’s your responsibility to do everything possible to ensure the safety of your staff and your students. Call the professionals at Lyons Security Service in Sacramento, CA today to learn more about our school security services.


Our Staff

Our staff members are dedicated to provided excellent security service. All of our staff designated to show maximum level of professionalism.